Flea Season

Flea Season

Flea season is starting early it seems. Don’t forget to treat your pets and if you let them outside, don’t forget that they can bring them right back inside if your yard is not treated. Also, if you take your pet for a walk, they can pick them up that way too.

A natural, easy way to keep fleas at bay in your yard it to use cedar chips. Fleas are repulsed by the scent of cedar chips and do their best to avoid them. Sprinkle the chips in those shady areas that fleas frequent in your yard, as well as under the porch, dog bedding, and outdoor furniture. You can mow right over cedar chips, turning them into a finer powder that will still repel the fleas. Sprinkle them along your fence to keep fleas from neighboring yards out.

Flea bites are extremely irritating to pets. Large infestations or extreme sensitivity may result in intense itching and weight loss. Fleas have been known to transmit diseases. Fleas on cats and dogs are the intermediate host for the double-pore tapeworm, which infests dogs, cats and sometimes, humans. Here are some of the main brands of flea prevention for dogs and cats.

Some common products used to treat adult fleas on animals

Product (active ingredient) Method Research Results & Comments
Frontline™ (fipronil) topical Death of fleas and ticks usually within 24 hours. Monthly application killed 97% of fleas on pets and 98% reduction of off-host life stages. May be found at pet supply stores.
Advantage™ (imidacloprid) topical Single topical application provided 95% control of fleas on cats and dogs. There was also a 98% reduction of off-host life cycle stages. May be found at pet supply stores.
Revolution™ (selemectin) topical Synthetic ivermectin. Selemectin killed 98% of fleas on dogs (36-hr) and cats (24-hr). Protected dogs for 21 days and bathing animals did not affect its effectiveness. Revolution is the only one of these medications that also prevents dog heartworms, ticks, ear mites and sarcoptic mange. It is more expensive than other treatments, but is effective against more parasites.
Capstar™ (nitempyram) oral Same chemical class as imidacloprid (Advantage). Nitempyram starts working within 15 minutes. Within 30 minutes, adult fleas are dislodged. All of the fleas were killed within eight hours.